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Ash Quarry Productions and SEVEN DIMENSIONS PTY LTD

One of the most prolific production teams in the world - 500 productions and 140 awards.
Seven Dimensions has produced over 500 films, videos and television programs. With 25 years of production experience and winner of over 140 international awards for excellence and creativity, Seven Dimensions recognizes the key elements that make up a successful video whether it be training, corporate or educational. Delivering your message is our number one priority.
We have an experienced team of producers, directors, writers, editors, camera operators, sound engineers and 3D animators using the latest in video technology to fulfill your production needs to its highest potential and giving it the polished finish it deserves.
A major factor in our success is the emphasis placed on developing and maintaining an open and communicative approach with our clients, in order to produce the exact style of program required. This focus assists us in producing a high quality program that motivates the audience and has a lasting effect.

Thomas International System

Global Presence of Thomas International:
  • 30,000 clients
  • Offices in over 50 countries
  • 49 languages
  • Over 350 consultants and growing
5 ways of using the system:

Job Assessment
Training & Development
Team Development
Thomas International was founded in the United States by Dr Thomas Hendrickson in the early 1960s. Thomas International specializes in the field of behavioral and aptitude testing.

Thomas systems are a leading international managerial aid to recruiting, training, counseling, career planning, team bonding and team management.
The use of Thomas systems assists managers to motivate, stimulate individuals in the work environment and both directly and indirectly raised self-esteem, confidence and enthusiasm.

Personality Diagnosis
Available Reports