Vision, Mission and Values Workshop

Why necessary?

  • To give guidance especially during periods of crisis and change;
  • To direct the decision making process in all levels and help the development of relevant systems processes and functions;
  • To achieve better relationships and communication with client employees suppliers and collaborators;
  • To inspire the employees to be more productive and focused towards the common targets;
  • To determine the framework that concerns best common practices and ethics of employees;
  • To improve the public image of the company and become the basic element of the company's communication.

... Is the optimistic depiction of the desired future that links us with our clients and is the one that we must achieve.

Mission Statement

... Is a concise description of why the company exists and determines what we want to achieve and how we want to achieve it.

Values and guiding principles

... Are the ones that rule the expected behaviours of the members of the company in their efforts to accomplish the company’s vision and mission.

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